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  1. It’s interesting to see the ostensible age difference caused by the colouring – i.e. she seems older in black and white. I think its partly the pink frames.

  2. I stand by my previous statement of this being the best photo ever taken of me.

    I was also thinking that the freckles may be a part of the age difference thing.

    Anyway, it is an ever so lovely photograph. I’m going to wander off now, ’cause I ran out of things to say.


  3. Now that is a seriously cool photo! The clarity in the eye shows the focus is absolutely perfect.

    I was just browsing Whirlpool and saw your post linking to this and 4 other photos (black mountain tower over lake bg, Hope, blade of grass with droplet, etc). With each of those I found at least one thing I would change, but not this one. Naomi is right, it’s a great shot. Very nicely done!

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