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  1. As in that exact pair of shoes? or that style/brand/type?

    ot- i really like the stories you post have been posting with the pictures recently and the comments thing (how it shows posts and you can reply to other peoples etc) the little changes are all really good :)

  2. no worries :P
    something i enjoy each day is coming to see what new photo you put up, they get better each day :)

    hmm.. if those shoes are your size ,,, maybe you could permanently borrow them or something ;p

  3. they look like merinda’s shoes.


    ooh, er, that’s all i had to say, i think.
    except that now i want tea.
    and shoes on my feet.

    and not entirely relevant to this picture, but,
    naomi likes the use of the whole portrait thing, when it’s not actually a portrait..
    if that makes sense…
    [i’m sleepy]

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