Last night was a productive evening! I sat down with my travel buddy and started really working out the fundamentals of this trip to Darwin. We’ve finally been convinced that Australia is big and as a result out trip has been extended from our original 4 weeks to 4 months.

As we had a lot more time on the road, we changed some of our travel plans and recalculated our costs.

Here’s a comparison of the new and old routes:

The aim is to leave Canberra on the 1st of July and return at the beginning of November.

If there’s one part that I’m really excited about, it’s hitting up the telegraph track in the Cape and reaching the top most end of Australia.

Till next time!

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  1. the new route looks so much better! and def more of australia :)

    what about leaving the 1st july and trying to be back just before september???? then i could come hehe. yay for also making the effort to visit the sandwhich people at one end of aus and the top most end of aus :)

  2. The only problem is you’re not heading through the centre anymore. There’s so many awesome places along the centre in your original route that you’ll completely miss.

    1. Hey Joel,

      You’re right, but likewise, I’ll also have the chance to see some other spectacular places such as Wave Rock, Bell Gorge and Mitchell Falls.

      I’m also looking forward to saying “I’ve travelled all the way around Australia” ;)

  3. You are officially HARD FREAKING CORE.

    Awesome awesome awesome dude. Looks absolutely amazing. Man, there’s going to be some stories there that you’re going to tell for the rest of your life! And some wicked photos too of course ;)

    Oh, btw, the way you’ve phrased “Heres a comparison of the old and new routes” makes it sound like the first one is your old route and the second is the new, rather than the other way around.

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