Today began the adventures of the Suit Men. Matt, a real estate agent by trade spends 6 days a week in a suit. Matt is the ‘Suit man’. On the other hand, adventurer by trade, I spend about 6 day a year in a suit.

We drove down to Broulee North to do a little surfing in our suits. It was one of those things on the ‘must do’ list and well, today was a good day. As we unpacked the boards, we got some strange looks and had a good conversation with one of the locals about our adventure.

Ozzie was our photographer and Adam was our support team. Without further rambles, here are photos from our suit surfing adventure!

As a final note, I will point out that 100% wool suits hold a lot of water. I wouldn’t be surprised if the full suit held 20 liters of water. It was extremely hard to paddle to catch the waves and on the occasions we did, standing up was another big challenge.

Happy Surfing!

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    1. Not sure about the suits. I need to hang it out to dry, I’m not too keen to take it to a dry cleaner for fear of rebuke!

      No drowning but boy was it hard to stand with the extra weight though!

  1. Very cool! I imagine you would have gotten some very strange looks!
    I have to ask, were the suits destroyed after that?

    1. We had one guy with his two kids come up to us while we were taking photos and ask us what was going on. His kids had been guessing what Matt or Korske were up to, and they’d decided one of them was getting married :)

      And yeah, lots of people kept looking at us, was quite funny!

      1. You were waiting for it weren’t you. Maybe even asking for it! :P

        Seriously though, you have my tut of disapproval on behalf of a great suit!

  2. Yeah – this is awesome, Korske! What a great idea! We all have those quirky things we’d like to someday do for fun – but you guys actually did it! Puts the rest of us to shame! :) (Hope the suits survived!)

    1. Quirky ideas always make for good photos. Turning your car into a tea-pot could be cool. Spout on the bonnet.

      Do it in winter and incorporate a bucket of hot water in the spout so it looks like it’s steaming.

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