I’m chilling out at camp getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Tomorrow, I’m going to buy a citronella candle! I left on my epic adventure on Monday and I’ve made it though to Moree which is awesome. The plan was to try and find some work on a Cotton farm.

This has been my favorite photo so far, and how fitting it is for this adventure! What road do you plan on taking?

Here is the sunset at Wollombi on the first night (Monday Night)

The same sunset as above, further down the road at Bayswater Power Station

One of the oversize trucks I’ve seen on the road. The largest I’ve seen so far took up both lanes completely, had two “Wide load ahead” cars and two police cars. Hectic!

Now, I’m a piker when it comes to mosquitos so off to bed for me!

Tomorrow is day 4!

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  1. Mystery road…I love it. Chloe and I set off there on a motorbike in Northern Thailand a few weeks ago for a day, and are keen to do it again for a longer period of time :)

    Love your photos as always. By the way, I think that the cloud above the truck is the former USSR…

  2. Great sunset shots, Korske! And that is one seriously oversized truck! :) As for the mozies, there is also a great little lantern you can get… Citronella goes in the top and the candle in the bottom – works well! From one camper to another! :)

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