One thing I really want to leverage for the planning of this trip is the power of the internet. Social Networking has become such a huge part of our day to day lives. Things like Twitter and FaceBook are a great way to interact with people to gain insight and information. I’m hoping that I might be able to use them to help plan parts of this trip.

So! here we are, a very sketchy map of where we’re currently planning to go.

Canberra to Darwin

The idea is to detour a fair bit off the beaten track to find some swimming holes and places to fish and camp (Suggestions would be great!). If you know of anyone that’s toured around australia and that have travelled around these areas, I would love to hear anything they have to share. I also need some convincing to cross the border into WA. Is there anything worth seeing on the NT/WA or SA/WA border?

Up Next?

Not sure what’s going to come up next in this travel journal. Perhaps some more on the motivation, reason and ideas for the trip.