For the first night of our road trip, we camped out at the Lake Arragan and Red Cliff camp ground, about 140km out of Coffs Harbour. The camp ground was one of many in Yuraygir National Park.

The camp ground had 65 sites and offered fireplaces (A must have when camping). I can imagine that the place gets quite busy during school holidays, during our stay, we only saw a few other campers. The cost to camp was $10/adult/night + a $7/day vehicle permit.

National Parks NSW does offer annual National Park permits so if you’re camping a lot (or plan to) it’ll be worthwhile looking into that. The current cost of an Annual Pass is $65 (Excluding Kosciusko NP).

After a long drive that day, it was fantastic to stop for the night. After a quick explore in the dark, a fire was quickly started and we cooked up some tucker. Everyone setup their swags while dinner cooked.

Looking up at the sky, I just had to take a photograph of the night sky. There is nothing that quite compares to falling asleep looking up at a clear night sky in the Australian bush, right next to the ocean.

Here is a photo of camp and the sky we slept under that night.

The Milky Way, Yuraygir NP

Camping at Yuraygir NP

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