About Korske Ara

Korske is a Canberra-based adventurer, entrepreneur and photographer passionate about inspiring the heart of adventure in young people. He is the Director of World Photo Day, an international event that embraces a passion for photography and its ability to inspire communities. Away from the screen, you'll find Korske out Surfing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rock Climbing and Wood Working.

5 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned From Swing Dancing

Earlier this year, I started to learn how to swing dance in Canberra with the Canberra Swing Katz. With my two left feet and a general lack of rhythm, I rocked up at my first beginner's lesson. I'm always up for a new adventure, but for me, this was diving right into the deep end. By default, [...]

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A Reflection on My 2016 Entrepreneurial Journey

This year, I moved to Canberra with the goal to launch a media company that connected people and communities in real life by leveraging the connectivity we already have through the internet. With three business ideas across three industries, I knew that this was going to be one of the biggest challenges I've ever undertaken. When [...]

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Support my World Photo Day microgrant application on Stir

It’s the last week of voting for Stir’s microgrant program for Season 2 and my project, World Photo Day is in the running to score funding to further develop the project. […]

Canberra was (kind of still is) a city defined by government departments and public servants. It’s quickly changing and there’s a growing community that’s focused on developing great ideas into reality. Innovation is the future of the [...]

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