In 2008, I started on a project to post a photo every day for a year. It was quite a challenge but I did managed to pull it off for almost two years!

Cutting Fog

Another photograph taken during the drive home from Merimbula. There were some really foggy sections on Brown Mountain where you could see the headlights cutting though the mist.

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Between Bridges

It's always hard to capture a Canberra icon photo that hasn't been taken a million times before. I think with this photograph, I've managed to capture something a little different to the norm.

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I Will

In Australia, we say "I will", not "I do". An interesting fact that I learnt during this wedding. This is a photo from the second wedding that I've photographed this year. What an exciting opportunity!

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Fire Switches

A photograph from the Balloon Spectacular on this week during the Canberra Festival. This morning, I found out that it's still dark at 6:00. It's not often that I'm awake before 7:00 and out of bed ;)

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