I’m often on one adventure or another! Here’s a collection of the various adventures that I’ve ended up on.

Exploring Uluru and Kata Tjuta!

Uluru has been high on my list of places to explore and 5 years after starting my adventure across Australia, I've finally made it to the centre. We spent a night at the Yulara Campground where the facilities were fantastic. There were people of all ages and backgrounds there and the atmosphere was great. Waking [...]

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Cow-a-bunga (The day I hit a cow)

The last few days have been interesting to say the least. The other night, I was driving into church for a dinner when I hit a cow on the highway. Who on earth puts a cow on the highway anyway? I'd just driven past a Road Train heading the other way, dipped the lights and [...]

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A successful drive to Moree

After a 1150km drive though country NSW, Josh and I have arrived in Moree where we have found a few days work to top up the bank account. We hope to find around 2 weeks of work in Moree before we continue our journey across West NSW and into SA to check out the famed [...]

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Playing with light in the night: Cotton picker

I took these photos using a torch to light up the different parts of the photograph. So simple but so unreal at the same time! It just goes to show how important lighting is in photography, whether you're using flash or natural light, you need to be very aware of what's going on around you [...]

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Cleaning chickpeas

Over the last two days, I've been helping clean over 140 tonnes of chickpeas. The grading process removes the undersized grain and husks using a drop though filter system. The big orange trailer is the grader. Out of the yellow hoses, it blows out the lightweight husks. The pile on the right contains all the [...]

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Chasing cows on a quad

Today, I went herding cows on a quad-bike and what an experience it was! I took out my big camera for the day and again, I realised how badly the lens is damaged. These photos have been sharpened like crazy to make them turn out acceptable. It's still performing better than my HTC Desire so [...]

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Behind the scenes: Grain Transportation

So I went on a little adventure today that involved a big truck and a few tonnes of Sorghum. It was interesting to see how the whole process worked. I've never really thought about where our basic grain actually arrives into the store. We see all our grains in the store as a processed product, [...]

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Mepiquat Hunting

I packed my re-curve bow and a bunch of arrows but I hadn't had the chance to use it till now. It was nice to get it out and find out it still works. I went and visited a friend out west of Moree and we had some fun shooting an empty drum of Mepiquat [...]

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