So during my time in Coffs Harbour, I’ve had the chance to try out my recently inherited Canon EOS 30D. The camera originally belonged to one of my best mates, Stewart Orme. Unfortunately, at just 23, Stewart recently passed away after a motorcycle accident. What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to capture a few photographs using his old camera.

Now, I’ve always subscribed to the fact that a great photograph isn’t defined by the equipment that a photographer uses and I’ve told countless photography friends that the camera they have with them will always be the best camera to capture whatever they’re looking at. The kicker was that every time I said this, I’d be holding a Canon 5D II.

I’ve also made a point that regardless of the camera body, the glass is more important. I’ve always said: “Buy a cheap body and a high quality lens and you’ll get more detailed photos”. It was hard trying to sell this concept while I worked at Ted’s Camera Store in Canberra as a sales assistant.

These three photos were all taken using a Canon EF 24-105 L IS lens.

I’ll add that tripods also make a huge difference in landscape photography. I own a Manfrotto 055 CXPro3 and Manfrotto 303PLUS Panoramic head. Quite an investment but I’d spend less on the body and more on my tripod any day!

Well, here’s a twist to the story, now, many of those same mates are shooting Canon 7D’s and here I am poking around with my ‘old school’ 30D.

I’d like to think that my photography is just as good on the 30D as it was with my 5D II. I’ll let you be the judge!