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I had the awesome privilege to be one of the event photographers at Black Stump this year. Black stump is a Christian Music, Arts and Teaching festival held in Sydney. This was my 4th year at Black Stump and what an action packed weekend it was. There was little chance to actually sit down and rest my legs amongst all the action.

Meeting new people and catching up with old friends is always a highlight of heading to festivals and events like blackstump. It’s amazing hearing stories about what someone has been up to over the past 12 months or so.

They reckon that it never rains at Stump ;)… It rained over the entire weekend except during setup on Friday afternoon and packed up on Monday Morning. Some crazy weather timing there! I don’t think I finished a single day without being completely soaked though and covered in mud up to my knees.

Last but not least, buckets of Rain + 5DMkII = No Worries! My 5D MkII didn’t complain about the rain and moisture. I’m sure it wasn’t the best treatment it could have had but it’s always nice to know that the seals are somewhat reliable.

Photos should be up soon :)

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    1. I’m still working on getting those photos up. Should have some time tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I’ll let you know. That’s right… a long weekend :)

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