Most of you know that I have decided to focus a lot more on my photography this year. To help me stay on track over the next 12 months, I have set a few base goals for this year.

I’ve always put value on setting goals that are measurable and attainable. There’s no point setting a goal that you can’t measure or reach. Hopefully these personal goals will challenge you to create a set of your own goals for the year.

Create a themed calendar for next year

This year, I printed a few calendars to pass to friends and family. These calendars were just a random bunch of photos that I quickly put together. I would love to create a themed calendar for next year that I could make available for sale.

Create two photo books

This year my goal is to publish two Photo Books. One containing images of my journey around Australia towards the end of the year and another of the towns around the Canberra.

Travel outside Canberra once a month

I’ve been saying this for the past 2 years but being on 24/7 on call made it hard to make any travel commitments. Now that I no longer have that responsibility, I’ll be trying to spend a little more time outside Canberra.

Join a club and meet new people

For me, it’s not about joining a photography club, just any club where your photography can be used and improved. I’ve decided to start attending the local 4×4 club again. This will also help with the getting out of Canberra goal above.

Maintain existing friendships though photo postcards

To maintain existing relationships, I’m going to start sending photo postcards though conventional postal mail to 3 people each month. I’m hoping that this will also spread the word about my photography.

Take my camera for a walk once a week

I try to go for a bike ride every morning. One day a week, instead of a ride I’ve decided to go for a walk to take a few photos of the world around me.

Post a photo at least three times a week

Posting three photos each week to my website will hopefully push me to start learning more post processing techniques as well as help improve my existing skills.

Post a journal entry at least once a week

I’ve wanted to improve my writing for the past 12 months but haven’t taken any steps to actually try and improve it! Because it’s actually really hard for me to write, I’ve set a realistic goal of 1 entry a week.

There’s my base goals set for the year. If you’ve decided to set some goals of your own, let me know! I would love to hear the goals you’ve set to stay on track in 2010.

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