This morning, I was reading about the new Apple iPad and the excuses I could come up with to buy myself one. Naturally, there needs to be justification right?

It didn’t take very long before I came up with one, justification that is. As a photographer, I’m often asked about photos I’ve previously taken. At the moment, I whip out my iPhone. The iPhone has been great to show photos to friends and family but I’ve realised that more often than not, people want to see the photos much bigger. The iPhone just doesn’t cut it in that respect. The only alternative is to carry around a portfolio case or a notebook computer. A printed portfolio case limits the photos you can carry and the notebook is a little time consuming to setup and turn on.

With one of these Apple iPads, I could just whip out a decent screen with a portfolio of thousands of photos. How convenient! I’m sure that printed portfolios will still have their use but having the ability to show anyone your work anywhere on a vivid colour display would be a huge advantage. Conferences, Expos, and Networking Events are just a few places that the iPad would be an awesome marketing tool.

You also have access to share videos surf the web and check your email from the same device!

You might say that tablet PC’s have been around for years, why the excitement now? Simply put, there’s been no tablet that has a screen as vivid and clear as the one on the iPad.

Check out the details on the Apple Site

Interesting find (29/01/2009): I just found this opposite view that the Apple iPad offers little for photographers.

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  1. Wow you have just given me a great idea for my business

    I deliver a catalogue to each of my prospects They are 1$ a pop.

    With the IPAD I could download a product catalogue and other product pictures

    and show them to prospects. They would sure remember the salesman with the hand held


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