Last week, I was encouraged by the article CityNews featured about my project, World Photography Day. It’s a privilege to have The Chronicle also share a little about my work!

Author:Emma Kelly
Date:August 13, 2013
Publication:The Chronical
Original:The Chronicle

We all know the awareness, celebration and sense of togetherness national and international days can bring but most of us have probably never thought of creating our own.

One former Canberran has done just that, bringing photographers across the globe symbolically together each August to celebrate the craft.

Korske Ara launched World Photogrpahy Day on August 19th 2010 uniting thousands of photographers along the way.

He said the idea to create the day captured his imagination just after Christmas 4years ago. I

“It was Boxing Day and I was at home at my parents’ house trying to work out what to do. I just wanted to create something.” he said.

“I was looking on the internet to see if there was a World Photography Day and there didn’t seem to be any at the time. When it first started I didn’t expect to be working on it four years later – It wasn’t something I thought was possible.”

Asked how one creates an international day, Mr Korske said recognition was the key.

“When I first started lot of people were skeptical as they hadn’t heard of a World Photography Day before. People almost didn’t want to get on board as they were not sure about committing to something that didn’t have strong foundations. It kind of rocked me a bit but it’s something I continued to do in hope of growing confidence in the idea.” he said.

“”Every step of the project, I’ve learnt as I’ve gone – design, management, the infrastructure behind it. Most people would outsource these things for a company to look after. I don’t have the financial service so I had to figure out and learn along the way – and received help from my friends.”

Since then World Photography Day has reached some 150 countries around the world.

“The response has been phenomenal.” Mr Ara said.

“Big organisations have started to use it as a platform for marketing services. It’s expanded from something that involved a few people to something that’s grabbed the whole world’s notice.”

Not one to live life by the books, Mr Ara left a job with a web service provider to explore the country around the same time he founded the international day and for the past three years has been traveling around Australia.

“I don’t actually have a full-time job; I work as I go to fund the adventure. It’s quite an interesting experience. At the moment I’m in Toowoomba and I’ve taken 6 weeks off to work on World Photography Day” he said.

Consequently, the significance of photography’s ability to capture a moment in time strikes a chord.

“For me, the significance is the ability to capture a memory, to be able to share an adventure with friends back home, with people thousands of kilometres away. That’s the phenomenal part if photography, the fact that there was a time it didn’t exist and that it’s something we take for granted today.” he said.

World Photography Day is August 19th. For more information, visit

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