Have you ever had a moment when you’ve seen something and thought “I’m so going to learn how to do that!”? This happens on a weekly basis for me and I do try my best to follow up on my new inspiration. Sometimes it’s harder than others. Installing a suspension lift is one thing… Learning violin? Well, that’s been an interesting two weeks.

So my whole learning to play violin idea started after watching a particular video on YouTube. Now before I let you hear the awesome of the video I watched, I’ll show you a snippet of my attempt.

I’m not very musical and violin is pretty darn hard to play. To add to all that, I had to learn how to read sheet music as well. Sheet music is like learning another language. I would have had just as much luck understanding Korean as I did sheet music. Now, I can read sheet music really really slowly. I am yet to work out if this is an important life skill.

So after 14 days with a friend and her violin, this is my attempt at Arrival to Earth, the Transformers Theme!

I’m going to pre-warn you. This is epic fail to the real thing!


Here’s what inspired me to try and learn how to play. Far out, I have a long way to go!


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