Trying to update my blog more often is harder that I expected. My aim is to add a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I managed alright last week, let’s hope that this week goes well too! I’m hoping that Monday musings will become a weekly update of some of the things that have happened during my week.

This morning was my first time on the breakfast show with Howie Warren on 1WayFM, Canberra’s local Christian radio station. We had a great time on air having some good laughs and conversations throughout the morning. If you want to catch me on air, tune into 91.9 (94.3 in Tuggeranong) between 7 and 9 on Monday mornings!

Waking up at 5am was probably the hardest part of the morning but that soon wore off as my coffee cup emptied. I’m looking forward to next Monday already!


I lent my camera to a friend for a shoot he was doing so I didn’t have a chance to head out this weekend to take photos.

Here’s one of my favourites from the shoot my friend had been working on:

You can find more of Joseph’s work in his portfolio: JP Photographic


An interesting quote that I heard this morning:

“We spend money we don’t have to buy things we don’t need to impress those we don’t like”.

I thought about it and realised how true this was for many people. I had the same focus until I resigned from my previous job to chase my photography dreams. I’m glad I worked this one out early!


It’s well known that laughter is the best medicine, here’s a joke I heard this week for you to enjoy:

For her 17th birthday, my daughter was given an iPod and she was very happy with her new toy. A few months later, my son turned 18, we bought him an iPhone. When my birthday came around, my family pooled in to buy me an iPad. I was really excited about this and on my wife’s birthday I bought her an iRon. That’s when the fight started.

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