I found this image during one of my internet tours. It’s been 12�weeks�since I started my�challenge to run 5km in under 25 minutes. I posted 6 weeks ago when I basically reached that goal, although, I had a couple of low intensity sections in between. At that point, I also set a new goal to reach 5Km in 20 minutes.

Since that post back in September, I’ve been trying hard to maintain my running goals�and as the weather has warmed up, it’s been getting harder to commit the energy. My running has been going really well. I’ve started running 10km along the beach which has been great. I also tried running up a mountain (not so great) and my best 5K time has been�20:11 .

For those of you interested in getting into some running, I’m using the Strava app. You can get it on both iOS and Android for mobile. You can also import runs from a heap of other GPS devices. For ease of use, features and run analysis, it’s the best app I’ve used so far. The fact that a whole lot people I know are actively using it is also a great motivator and challenge to improve!

I’ve just set a goal to run 200km in December and I’m on track so far. When it’s broken down into 25km weeks, it seems so much more achievable… Even if my average has been 12km a week. Okay, it actually sounds a little cray. Here’s to me trying anyway.

I’m also contemplating a challenge to ride 500km in the 8 days between Christmas and the New Year. Anyone keen to join me? I haven’t cycled in 8 years and I don’t even own a bike so I have no idea how this will kick off. Here’s to me trying. Ha!

You can follow my runs on my Strava Profile.

Wish me luck. Here’s to surviving the zombie apocalypse.

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