Yesterday, I was browsing around on the internet for the first time in over 8 weeks. Heck, it’s probably the second day that I’ve had off work in the same period of time. Floating around,†I came across the blog of Mara Wilson (Mara Wilson Writes Stuff).

Mara Wilson
As much as I love writing, my literacy skills leave a lot to be desired. Reading Mara’s blog, was a refreshing change. A neat collection of stories presented with honesty and humour. I found myself reading though her writings before realising 1. that an hour had passed and 2. I was reading the blog of the actress that played Matilda.

For a good laugh, have a read of the Mara Wilson FAQ. The questions are amusing and the answers are awesome.

Seeing child actors/actresses growing makes me feel a little odd sometimes. Older perhaps. I had a little crush on Matilda as a kid †which is perfectly fine†considering†that I was the same age as her back then and to be honest, she’s pretty darn cute now!

As I thought about the life Mara had lived and the woman she had grown up to be, I started to think about some of the other child stars I could think about. The ones I could think about had all gone down †some really rough roads (I suppose because they get the most media attention); Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone),†Lindsay Lohan (Parent Trap),†Jodi Sweetin (Full House)†and†Amanda Bynes (What a Girl Wants)†came to mind.

I suppose the main reason why Mara’s blog facinated me was the fact that as I read it, I felt like I was reading just a normal persons blog. She wasn’t someone that bragged about working alongside†Danny DeVito,†Robin Williams and †Richard Attenborough. She was someone that felt†privileged†to have had the opportunity.

Mara, I’m happy living a†relatively†simple life. Everything I own fits into my car and I’m happy just travelling around and sleeping next to a campfire. Big important people don’t normally†fascinate†me or catch my attention but you’re pretty darn cool. Keep being amazing!

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