Today, I ran into an old friend and it was the first time in 4 years I had caught up with him and his two kids. Sadly, his wife passed away in January. This is an amazing family and I’ve been so blessed to have met them. We had a brief chat and he gave me details of his personal blog.

As I read though his family’s journey and scrolled though the photographs, I started to realise how important his journal would be to him and his kids in years to come. The memories and emotions that it contained, especially in the photographs rocked my world. I fought back tears as the photographs jogged my own memories of this amazing woman.

The whole experience reminded me how important photographs are and the important role that all photographers have been charged with. Whether you’re snap happy with a point and shoot or own a professional studio, you’re capturing life as it happens. You’re documenting a point in time you will never be able to revisit.

A photograph isn’t ‘just’ a picture, it isn’t ‘just’ art. It’s a memory frozen in time, emotions and all.

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