This year’s resolution is better known as a Nike slogan. A bloke at church was sharing about his recent trip to Myanmar and how “Just Do It” was the focus of the trip. Now,�I’m going to use it as this year’s new year resolution.

We often think that we need something extra to be accepted, to achieve a goal and to be ‘normal’. It’s human nature and it’s so easy to manipulate. Marketers tell us we are inadequate because it’s the most powerful way to sell a product. Women are told they need L’Or�al to look beautiful.�Men are told that Tooheys New�is the core of mateship. We’re told that Coca-Cola is the joy of summer and happiness.

What if we knew we are wonderfully and marvelously made? (Psalm 139:14) or if we knew that we are a masterpiece created by God himself (Ephesians 2:10). God created you and Jesus died for you. Think I’m nuts? Well, if you believe that those two things are true, God’s spirit lives in you too. We each have specific gifts and a purpose, no matter how insignificant we think we might be�(1 Corinthians 12).

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!�Your workmanship is marvelous�how well I know it. – Psalm 139:14

For me, Just Do It�is all about doing the things that I feel inadequate doing. Journaling, video blogging, song writing, the list goes on. I might not be any good at some of these things, but these are things that I enjoy doing and things that I can improve by actually doing them!

I’ve always thought that I was limited by the things I didn’t have. But I’ve realised that I’m actually lucky to have access to things that many people �dream of. I might not have any fancy gear to achieve my dreams but the things that I have work and they will get me started on achieving them.

The world is great at talking me into getting bogged. Actually, it’s all in my head. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably great at encouraging other people to chase their dreams, you’ll let them know that they’ve got the talent and skills to pull of whatever grand idea they might have. �Here’s a question:�What’s your dream? What are you doing this year to make sure you’re not getting bogged?

Make 2014 a year to Just Do It and start writing the next chapter of your story. Start taking steps to achieving your dreams with what you have.

This year, I’m going to start working towards my dream of capturing and sharing the heart of Australia. I’d love you to join me on that journey, sign up to my email updates on the right panel.

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