This song has been at the top of my playlist for the last couple days. A great tune and fantastic lyrics. Check out some of theincredible truths in this great song by Citizens & Saints, a band that was born out ofMars Hill Church in Seattle, USA. Zach Bolen, the lead singer is passionate about seeing everyoneworshiping Jesus and it showsthough in their latest self titled album citizens.

Citizens: Made Alive Lyrics

I once was dead in sin
Alone and hopeless.
A child of wrath I walked
Condemned in darkness.

But Your mercy brought new life
And in Your love and kindness,
Raised me up with Christ
And made me righteous.

You have bought me back
With the riches of,
Your amazing grace
And relentless love.
I’m made alive forever,
With You, life forever
By Your grace I’m saved
(By Your grace I’m saved)

Lord, You are the light,
That broke the darkness.
You satisfy my soul,
When I am heartless.

If ever I forget
My true identity,
Show me who I am,
And help me to believe.


My sin has been erased,
I’ll never be the same.
My sin has been erased,
I’ll never be the same.

[Chorus] x 2

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