Today, my replacement Steering stabiliser turned up in the mail. I ended up choosing a Tough Dog RTC (Return To Center) steering stabiliser from the guys at 4WD1. The original dampener had done 270,000 km’s and just wasn’t keeping up with the larger tires I put on at the end of 2009.

Some people love the RTC concept whist others don’t see the value in them. I suppose everyone will always have their own opinions.

I chose the Tough Dog RTC steering stabiliser because:

  1. I liked the concept
  2. Good value
  3. They look awesome
  4. They’re Australian Made

From the 100 km’s I’ve driven so far, I’ve loved them. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in cornering, it’s much smoother and the RTC principle kicks in to straighten the wheels quicker. Driving at higher speeds, it’s completely removed the wheel shimmy that I was experiencing on the highway.

Oh and I had to get the saw onto the old one, the bolt was stuck on real good.

Here are pictures:

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