Choosing a Photographer

There are hundreds of photographers in Australia (and around the globe). In Canberra there are over 35 AAIP accredited photographers and a further 20 AAIP Emerging Members (Those with less than 2 years experience). That’s over 50 photographers registered with AAIP in Canberra alone

Australia wide, there’s around 1100 AAIP Accredited Photographers, 660 Emerging Members and many more photographers that are not affiliated with a professional institution. Now that’s a lot of photographers to choose from!

So how do you choose a photographer? Here are a few points to consider when you’re choosing your next photographer.

1. Style

Different photographers have different styles. Ask to see a variety of photos from different events and shoots to get a sense of his or her style. There’s no benefit choosing a photographer with raving reviews if you don’t like their style of photography!

2. Personality

You need to be yourself! Whether you’re planning family photos or your wedding, you want your photographer to be someone you feel comfortable around. Choose someone who is relaxed and easy to along with. This will bring out the best in you, which will be reflected in the captured images.

3. Professionalism and work quality

As I mentioned before, there are many photographers out there. Look for one that has had past experience in the assignment you had in mind. Ask to see completed wedding albums and prints of past assignments to ascertain the quality of the final product. All photographers should have examples of finished products as part of their portfolio.

4. Contracts/payments/cancellations

Has your photographer explained your contract details to you? For example, many photographers will not provide you with a copy of negatives or high-resolution image files. Find an honest photographer that will explain all the contract details, obligations (of both parties) and costs.

5. Pricing and Packages

Look for a photographer who works to meet your photography requirements, especially for weddings. You simply cannot fit such a special day into a predefined box. On the other hand, portrait photography can be easily packaged. Though you don’t need to let that stop you from asking about shoot locations or extended shoot times.

By no means is this a comprehensive list, more a starting point in your search for a photographer.

I’m starting to write these little articles to try and improve my knowledge of the photography industry as well as improve my writing skills. I would love to hear some of your feedback!

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  1. Hi,

    Great practical info :-) Looking forward to reading more. I am a keen amateur portrait photographer, currently practicing on friends and family & hoping to be able to get into the industry next year…small time home business on the side to start with. Appreciate any and all tips you may be posting.


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