After all the rain we recently had here in Canberra, I decided to check out our main water supply dam, Corin Dam. I wasn’t prepared to see such an amazing sight. The Dam was full and overflowing! At the beginning of last month (September 2010) this Dam was sitting at 80%. To see it at 100% full was unbelievable. I need to reprocess the exposure on the right edge but I really wanted to share the image!

Quick Facts: Corin Dam is an earth and rockfill embankment dam with side channel spillway, completed in 1968. Corin Dam holds almost 71,000 Mega Litres of water and has a catchment area of 197 square kilometres.

The last time I photographed Corin Dam was over, 2 years ago. This is a photograph of Corin Dam at about 25% capacity in Febuary 2008.

Just to put the size of the dam in perspective, here’s a photo of the water tower compared to a person. Now that, is a lot of water!

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