Located in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Cradle Mountain rises to 1,545 metres above sea level. It’s seen as one of Tasmania’s principle tourist destinations and after visiting, I can see why!

Similar to many of the other mountains in the area, Cradle Mountain is a formation of dolerite columns.

If you have a chance to visit Tasmania, this is a must see location. When I visited with Richard, we camped nearby but there’s plenty of cabins at the base of the mountain to relax in.

Richard picked a walk on the list that was signposted at the car park and we headed off for a walk that we later started to realise was tough. REALLY tough.

We tweeted with @cradlemtn on twitter who gave us some encouragement as we walked on. We fast came to the realisation that the retired couple behind us were much fitter than us. Somehow a 3 hour walk took 5 hours and we never made it to where we thought we were going!

I did capture some amazing photograph though!

Here are Richard’s photos from the same trip.

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