I started with a digital camera so I have very little experiance with film. Actually, I have none at all! I figure that there’s only one way to get that experience.

With this trip down to Tassie at the end of the month, I figured that it would be as good an opportunity as any to get started. I’ve heard that film is very much a personal taste thing so I went and bought a tonne of B&W film to get going. I got distracted with some slide film along the way.

I ended up with Ilford Delta 100/400, Kodak TMAX 100/400, Fujichrome Velvia 50 and Kodak Ektachrome E100G

Time for the experimentation to begin! Actually… I have all this film but no film camera! Still on the hunt for that one. I’ll let you all know when I’ve found a nice camera :)

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  1. Good one! This sounds exactly like me about 2 months ago. I wanted to get back to ‘the roots’ of photography (so to speak) and am certainly loving it…even with its stressful moments that self developing undoubtedly brings.

    I haven’t tried colour yet but that is something i’m wanting to get into.

    Have fun!

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