When I first picked up a digital camera in 2oo5, I stored my photographs in various folders on my computer. I often forgot where I saved them or had to spend ages looking for specific photos. This all changed when I found Picasa. Picasa is a photo management application that helps you organise and share photos. If you have an Apple Mac, you might have iPhoto (also a photo management program) installed. If not, Picasa runs on Mac too.

So why use Picasa?

It’s Free

Picasa is a FREE photo management application that works on Microsoft Windows and on Apple OSX.

It centralises your photos

When you first open Picasa, it will search though your documents to find all your photographs.

It’s people focused

Picasa automatically finds people in your photographs. This allows you to create albums collages and sideshows based on the people you have taken photos of.

It’s easy to share

Sharing photos in Picasa is easy. You can email photographs to friends and family or upload your photos to a web album.

It’s not manufacturer specific

It can be used for all your photos, no matter the camera they’ve been taken on.

It’s easy to use

Here’s a video so you can see Picasa in action. Being a visual application, you really need to see Picasa to appreciate the amazing features it has.

Download Picasa

Like what you’ve seen?� Have a look at http://picasa.google.com, download Picasa and organise all your photos in one place.

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