The harbour bridge on a less than pleasant day. It’s said that a day can only be what you make out of it. Well, I tried to make a good one despite the clouds on this day.

I wasn’t too disappointed with the outcome of this photo.

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  1. lovely photo, though maybe a tad too much sky in the picture?. im not sure but i think its really pretty. maaaybe if the top part of the clouds (with the light shining through them) was situated a litte lower so there wasnt such a big band of sky with not much in it…might make it a little nicer? though u cant really just cut a section of the sky out when taking a photo Haha.

  2. i was going to hit that funky reply button but apparantly its just one of those “im cool to look at but dont touch” things :(. and how come i dont get a funky picture next to my name? am i not cool enough for that either ? :O :P
    was talking bout removing the middle horizontal sky section… but if u did take it lowerish – what makes you think id say too much verandah? ….. :)

  3. Awesome :) apparantly i already had an account i was unaware of :S.. – you dont have to post this comment though :P

    Hope all is well in korskeland :)

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