The sun sets on another day as smoke from the surrounding fires blow over the farm. Almost 200,000ha of land has been burnt. Four lives have been lost in the district. 

Last night, a team from our farm fought fires nearby at Cape Arid with the local volunteer fire brigade. The team put in a mammoth effort into the night to fight the blaze before it was big enough to get a mention on the news. A small win that saved numerous properties and homes. 

The fire closest to me is now burning eastward, away from property into the national park. 

While I serviced our fire tanker, my co-workers were organising transport for livestock that have lost access to feed and water. Farmers have started to shoot their stock to save them from death by burns and dehydration. It’s estimated that over 15,000 animals have died in the fires. 

A cool change today has been very welcome but there’s talk of big winds in the early morning an I’m on standby along with my workmates to fight fires with the local firefighters tonight if the conditions change in the middle of the night. 

The property I’m on is safe at the moment. We’ve taken as many precautions as possible and stand in a “Watch and Act” zone. #fire #esperance #bushfire #esperancefires

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