With multiple computers and devices, accessible document storage is quickly turning into a requirement to keep up with the way we manage our lives.

Whether it’s a personal document like your resume or a business proposal, having access to these documents anywhere makes it possible to connect like never before.

In the past, I thought that I would never really need centralised document storage. I often had my computer with me, but it has never been a guarantee. I am however, almost guaranteed to have my phone.

Security seems to be a topic that comes up a lot. With my experience in the IT industry, I’m confident to say that trusting a reputable 3rd party provider with your documents is often safer than trying to secure the documents on your own computer. Benefits like data backup and commercial grade security helps safeguard your information. At the end of the day, your data will only ever be as secure as your password. Do you even have a password on your computer?

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Thoughts on Apple iCloud

All my devices are Apple based and there’s an argument that I should maintain all my data with Apple. I currently use iCloud to sync my calendar and contacts. Using a “cloud” based service, I haven’t lost my phone contacts in over 6 years (Previous to iCloud, I used Microsoft Exchange). It’s a good feeling when you see those Facebook posts: “Text me your number, I lost my phone”.

If you don’t have apple devices, you can use Google’s Gmail address book to make sure you never lose your contacts again.

When it comes to documents, iCloud just isn’t as flexible. It isn’t multi platform and it doesn’t currently work like a regular folder on the computer.

I use Dropbox to manage my documents

I use a service called Dropbox to store the majority of my documents. It works just like a regular folder on my computer and I can access my files on my Mac and iPhone. It’s also possible to access my files on anyone else’s computer though the Dropbox website.

I like the idea that my documents are safe, even if my computer is dropped into a lake. The idea of no more USB Drives or forgotten documents? Bonus!

There’s also thousands of applications that work with dropbox to keep your information synchronised across devices.

I might have an iPhone but Dropbox also works on Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire. Pretty awesome right?

You can get Dropbox too!

Starting to like this idea of accessible document storage? With dropbox, you start with 2GB of free space to fill up with your documents and if you need more, you can earn an aditional 14GB just by inviting your friends. (For each friend you refer, you get and extra 500MB and so do they!)

So, if you’re  interested in joining dropbox, please use my referal link and we will both benefit from it :)

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