So after a few weeks in Canberra catching up with friends and working on World Photography Day, It’s time to head back onto the road and explore a few more cool places around Australia.

I’ve dropped into the local camera store and had my camera serviced. Awesome, no more dust spots on my sensor! It’ll hopefuly motivate me more knowing that post processing isn’t going to take 5 times longer than it should (removing little black spots). While I was there, I also picked up a new GOPRO Hero 2! I’m really excited about the new video possibilities that I have with this epic little device. Stay tuned on my YouTube channel.

So this time around, I’m heading onto the road with a good mate of mine Josh. We hope to make it up to Moree, NSW via Tamworth (950 km). From there, we’ll look around for work crossing the border and heading up towards�Brisbane (500km) as we need to. I also have a few mates heading up the Strzelecki Track�towards innamincka (1400Km west of Brisbane). It would be nice if we made it in that direction to catch up with those guys. I’m yet to cross over to South Australia so it would be nice to cross that border this year.

With plenty to see, I’m sure that we won’t be getting bored anytime soon as we head along a few new tracks on an adventure across just a small part of the great country we call home, Australia!

A few interesting�experiences�today. I think I experianced a microsleep for the first time ever (and I didn’t even feel tired) I just remember thinking “oh strike… we’re not on the road anymore”. Prayer, that that doesn’t ever happen again would be good!

We also found out that the GPS was set to walking route. We only worked this out after 3 hours on the road travelling though back streets and wondering where the heck we were going. Then at a glance I noticed the estimated travel time “2 days and 18 hours” ahhh…. Righto. That’s why we ended up �across a few footpaths!

Stopped in Bathurst overnight at one of Josh’s mates places. We have our swags on the lounge room floor. Time for be I think!

Oh and Moses. He was just regular bloke that did great things. It all started with a burning bush.

Well Canberra, I’ll see you before the end of�February. Catch you after.

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