Running a small business during covid is a tough ask and many small business owners are feeling the pain of managing through the current lockdowns. There are many kinds of businesses around, and most affected businesses are in local retail, health, fitness, personal services, hospitality and the arts. Quite simply, businesses in these categories can’t easily work from home or from a computer.

With so many business owners crying out for financial support in the ACT and across Australia during lockdown, I wanted to visualise what this impact actually looks like when it’s graphed over 18 months.

For many small business owners, there’s also the challenge of managing the mental and emotional burden of looking after their team and their clients. Combining this with financial pressure and it’s a mental health crisis waiting to happen.

For me, the reality of running a business is that there’s always a requirement to deliver, regardless of the circumstances. As much as there’s compassion and goodwill, our clients rely on us to get the job done in order to build and support their own businesses.


This example is specific to our business, Lucent Imaging. We work predominantly in the Arts and when events such as exhibitions, events and markets are cancelled, we see the impact trickles through over the following months.

At Lucent Imaging, we have clients across Australia and each time a region goes into lockdown, we see changes in our revenue.  The following graph shows our revenue to commercial borrowing trend since March 2020 and the long term effect that ongoing restructions within the community has had on our business over the 18 months.

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is not just the immediate im pact of revenue loss, but the ongoing impact of managing those losses over the long term.

It’s important to note that through our business is going through a tough time (alongside many others), we’ve been able to stabilise our short-term cashflow challenges through commercial lending to ensure that we continue to be around for our clients for many years to come.

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