Normally, coming home is the end of an adventure. Youve had a great time exploring the world and now, reality has called you back. Bugger. Its when real life starts to sink back in. This week has been a rest (less full on) week. I had enough time to reflect on what the rest of my year is going to look like. Real life I mused to myself. What does that even look like?

Just to bring things into perspective, Ive lived out of my car for 5 years. Ive driven over 300,000km over those 5 years met some great people and seen some pretty spectacular things.

When I moved back into my apartment, Ipulled my duvet/pillows out of my swag and made my bed.I then carried up a suitcase and a few pelican cases of photography gear.This was everything I needed to live mycomfortablelife.I dont own much stuff. It surprised me how little I had. In the car, I felt like I always had too much. In a room? It looks pretty empty.

Whoops Back to real life talk: At that point, I still hadnt worked out what real lifelooked like in my world. I certainly didnt want it to be the real life that I left behind 5 years ago. A life locked in a normal weeklyroutine. I couldntget sucked back into that. Id need another 5 years to reset!

I have a plan though. A planto make sure that I dont get sucked back into normal. When Im asked what I did during the week, I never want to reply Oh yeah, the same as usual.

This year, my goal is to live intentionally, to keep exploring and re-discover home. Since I left Canberra 5 years ago, things have changed. Ive changed and Canberrahas changed. Im going to re-explore the city that Ive always called home. I might not be crossing Australia again in a hurry but Im going to keep exploring and Im going to take you along with me.

Im back home and this is the beginning of a whole newadventure. Canberra,lets show the world what makes this city great.

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