Ever noticed a strange sound, pulled off the highway and saw six missing nuts, on the same wheel? Sweet. You know what was going though my head. Here’s a video of the incident.

And here are photos as I’ve replaced the wheel studs with new ones. I count myself as very lucky that I didn’t do any more damage than I did!

Step by step

For those of you who are looking to replace a few front wheel studs on a GQ Patrol, here are the steps that I took to replace mine. Now before you start, you don’t need to remove your brakecalipers.

Tip: Make sure you have rags, petrol or degreaser and some HTB grease. I use Castrol HTB in my wheel bearings. If you’re super keen, use this opportunity to check and repack the bearings in both hubs, you’re already halfway there.


  • 10mm Hex Key (Hub Casing)
  • 21mm Socket (Wheel Nuts)
  • 17mm Socket (Wheel Hub Bolts)
  • 54mm Hub Nut Tool (Or yourpreferredalternative. ehm. cold chisel)
  • Assorted flat screw drivers (circlip/bushing removal)
  • Hammer

The Plan

  1. Remove wheel nuts and wheel
  2. Remove free wheeling locking hub casing
  3. Remove Circlip
  4. Remove Drive Clutch & Bushing (You can leave the spacer that’s behing the bushing)
  5. Remove lock nut, lock washer, adjusting nut and washer
  6. Remove the bolts holding the wheel hub to the disc.
  7. Slide off the wheel hub
  8. Tap out the damaged studs and insert the new ones.
  9. Reverse the instructions above

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