So, Poetry isn’t something I’ve ever been good at but I have a few mates that are into it so I thought I’d dig up some poems I wrote years ago.

I wrote this poem in September 2008 when I was feeling a little lonely because I didn’t have a girlfriend. Now I’m glad I don’t because I have the amazing opportunity to travel around Australia, with no commitments!

I’m sitting on the beach
Waves, breaking within reach
A fire flickering at my feet
Dancing to a secret beat

I’m on the sand, alone
A chance to be on my own
The sound of the ocean
Releasing unseen emotion

One day, I’ll have you with me
To see the moon rise above the sea
To share the fire flickering at my feet
But First, you and I will need to meet.

Checkout the writing by my mates Josh and Steph.

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  1. This is cool Korske, I like it. Particularly the last line of all three stanzas,they’re all striking. And “waves breaking within reach” nice! Overall I just like the impression & feel.

    Glad you get to go tripping round… your ex-fiance’s will miss you ;)

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