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ABOUT korske
Korske Ara

My name is Korske, and I’m an Adventurer, Writer & Photographer that leads community focused, environmentally conscious businesses in Canberra.

Isthmus Sky – Open Edition

Isthmus Sky – Open Edition

$119.00$779.00 Inc. GST

Additional Information: Please refer to the additional details below for more information about this fine art print.

Open Edition prints are prints that are unsigned. They are not numbered and are delivered unframed.

Each print is sized to fit readily available frame sizes to make it easier for you to frame and hang your print yourself.


Limited edition prints are made in Canberra by Lucent Imaging, a Canson Certified Fine Art Printer using pigment inks on 100% cotton paper.

Created to an archival standard, each print is made to last a lifetime when cared for correctly. 

The creation of this print and its delivery will be offset to be carbon neutral.