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ABOUT korske
Korske Ara

My name is Korske, and I’m an Adventurer, Writer & Photographer that leads community focused, environmentally conscious businesses in Canberra.

Hello. I'm Korske!

I lead community focused, environmentally conscious businesses in Canberra.

Keep Co Workspace

Co-founder. Director, Technology & Sustainability

A flexible workspace setting the benchmark for community-first coworking in Canberra.​

We love all things local and exist to support small businesses, freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs to do great work.

Lucent Imaging

Director, Fine Art Printer


A fine art printing and digital imaging consultancy that believes in a relational, people-focused approach backed by modern technology and exceptional technical knowledge.

We believe in taking care of our environment, people, and community, striving to create a positive impact for our collective future.

Capturing Australia

A camera, swag and the open road


Exploring the colours of Australia and how they influence how we see and engage with our environment.


Vast, mysterious, and essential. Tranquil shores to hidden depths, a realm of life, wonder and challenges


A retreat away from the bustle of modern life. In the heart of nature, there's a place for quiet reflection.