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I was once scared that people were going to steal my ideas

I love creating things and turning ideas into reality. My entire life has revolved around that creative premise. In saying that, I was also really scared that if I shared my ideas, people were going [...]

Why asking for help was the hardest thing I’ve had to do

Last week, I wrote a post titled "I started a business and now I'm living on $15 a day". Here's a follow-up on that post. We live in a world where we're raised to be independent. Fiercely [...]

I started a business and now I’m living on $15 a day

I kicked off 2017 with a dream to build a business that values community, puts people over profit and turns ideas into reality. Not quite a new years resolution but certainly a challenge to kick off the [...]

5 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned From Swing Dancing

Earlier this year, I started to learn how to swing dance in Canberra with the Canberra Swing Katz. With my two left feet and a general lack of rhythm, I rocked up at my first beginner's lesson. [...]

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