I’m Korske, an entrepreneur, photographer and writer based in Canberra.

What I do

I lead carbon-neutral businesses built on genuine relationships and focused on creating a positive impact for our collective future.

Keep Co Workspace

Director & Co-Founder

Lucent Imaging

Director & Fine Art Printer


Colourscape Photography Series

Colours have a unique ability to influence our mood, our physiological reactions and prompt us to take certain actions.

This colourscape series explores the colours of Australia and how colours influence how we see and engage with our environment.


Calm and chaos in one, a powerful force of nature. With the ability to shape coastlines, 

Seascape Photography Series


Landscape Photography Series

A place to retreat, away from the bustle of modern life and in the heart of nature, there’s a place for quiet reflection. 

Dense forests are a reminder of a world gone by, while views from the mountain top brings the bigger picture into perspective.