About Me

Hi, I'm Korske.

I’m a creative thinker that enjoys exploring the environments in which we work, rest and adventure.

On my first birthday, I was gifted a Blinky Bill book. 

From the complexity of human-designed spaces to the beauty of nature’s vast habitats, there are curious learnings about what we truly desire.

Despite the There’s a calling in each of us, a calling back to nature. To sit in the sun; to feel the breeze.


On the weekend, you’ll find me reading, writing, taking photos, camping, hiking, climbing, mountain biking and building things.

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Things I do

I lead businesses built on genuine relationships that are focused on creating a positive impact for our collective future.

Keep Co Workspace

Director & Co-Founder

Lucent Imaging

Director & Fine Art Printer

Digital Distractions

You won’t find me endlessly scrolling TikToc or Instagram reels, instead, you’ll more likely find me exploring interesting topics about aeroplanes, rockets and how things work.

Here are a few of my go-to YouTube Channels.