A few fun facts about me

I’ve worked on a dairy farm, re-built a car and driven across Australia. My favourite fruit is strawberry and I really like tacos. I once broke a tooth, boarding down a sand dune. My day starts with a coffee and bible verse; It ends with a cup of tea and a prayer.

I’m quiet and completive, often spending time on my own. I love building things and turning ideas into reality. Here’s a small glimpse into my life.

I’m a Canberra-based photographer and story teller passionate about inspiring the heart of adventure in young people. I believe that young people can change the world (1 Tim 4:12), I love community (Heb 10:24-25) and believe in helping people to pursue their dreams (Phil 2:3).

As a young bloke, I spent hours creating things out of whatever I could find. Back then, I was building out my ideas with mud and sticks. Today, those are faint memories, but my passion for creating still lives on.

Driven by my passion to create, I’ve recorded radio adverts, renovated homes, built farm machinery and deployed enterprise web solutions. I’ve seen that creativity lives wherever you let it thrive and that it opens up opportunities to create unique solutions.

Now, I’m creating global community-focused platforms using leading web technologies.

What I’ve done and what I can do.